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  • From Bobbie

    hi Donna,

    just a short note to tell that sal and i had a fabulous time last week in cancun.. thank you for putting the trip together.. and it was great to meet you and you family and friends

  • This Booking was made by our classic Travel Consultant Roseann O'Rourke

    Welcome home to the Dowd family! Here's what they had to say about their Travel Plus vacation to Punta Cana:

    "Just finally got a minute after returning from our vacation to finally tell you what a perfect vacation spot for a family of four... you helped us chose. Thanks to you, we had a blast!! The resort was absolutely beautiful and so much to do for everyone. We did venture off to 3 different excursions....Swam with sharks & stingrays (2nd day there), went mudding in the pouring rain on 4 wheelers, and finally on our last full day there, we took a catamaran to Saoma Island for the day. The grounds are immaculate and the staff are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Please call  Roseann so we can post your testimonial post vacation of a life time
    Travel Plus

    401-828-2230 "

  • From: Pat Filinski
    No travel agent I have ever dealt with has done so much...

    Hi Deb,

    First of all I want to thank you for all the work you have done on this trip. No travel agent I have ever dealt with has done so much and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

    Pat Filinski

  • From: Vicki Moitoso
    Just wanted to let you know Manny and I had a wonderful trip....

    Hi Lisa,

    Just wanted to let you know Manny and I had a wonderful trip. The resort was even better than we had expected as were the excursions we went on. Our room was right on the marina, it was perfect. The only negative was the San Juan airport coming back, it took forever to get through security. Other than that everything was just perfect. So good in fact we are thinking of going back next year the same week for our 30th anniversary with our 3 kids and their significant others. If we decide to do that or start looking for another trip that same week for all of us you will be the first person I call, You did a great job.

    Thanks. Vicki Moitoso

  • From: WorkPrincess

    First I would like to say that my wife and I travel several times a year with our children and have experienced the best and worst that travel can offer. It is important to research your trip ahead of time and plan for the type of location, resort, language barriers you may experience and accommodations you will be experiencing. I apologize up front for the length of this review, however if your thinking of this resort I hope this detail is helpful to you.

    Travel Agents
    Our group used Apple Tours, which all I can say are great things about them. I know this is a review about the resort itself, however I feel Apple Tours (and our local tour company Travel Plus RI) also deserves kudos for the great work they did leading up to and during our groups vacation. We had over 35 guests with us and all had a great time with only one or two very minor issues. Apple was great in setting up private tours for us as well as checking in to ensure our satisfaction with our travel agent and us directly upon arrival. Two thumbs up to Apple Tours, Travel Plus and their staff!!

    As for the Resort
    The grounds and cleanliness of the resort, all I can say is WOW! The grounds were immaculate and beautiful with the staff continually cleaning, fixing and pruning (no power trimmers, all trimming is done with a machete!). The walking paths are wide and wonderfully laid out to wind through the center of Grand Sunset and Grad Riviera Resorts. The area was large and with both resorts at full capacity during our stay you would never have noticed. It was easy to always find an area of your own around the pool, the beach or sitting areas. For those saying it takes 20-minutes to walk to the beach, WOW you walk slowly. The resort is large, but it is not that large. Try 5-minutes maybe 10-minutes for the real slow walkers from lobby to beach and there is a Tram if you need it. And really who cares!! You are on vacation, slowdown and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    The beach is long, beautiful white sand and stretches forever in both directions. As in Mexico all beaches are public you do not find any fenced off areas and you can walk from one resort to another without a problem. This helps you to find that perfect tropical beach spot that you have been dreaming about. We did notice the greenish/brown water in areas, but with a little move to the left or right it was not an issue. Usually this is a cause of increased algae due to colder weather and storms. As for bugs, they were not bad during our stay and mostly at night if any. Remember you are in a tropical jungle; they can’t pack up the bugs and move them out. And those staying in the Villas near the beach that say they had a smell of sewage, that’s not sewage it’s the marsh at the edge of the jungle during low tide. If you leave near the ocean you will know that this is common and a sign of the thriving ecosystem.

    Check out the tree to the left of the path, last statue before hitting the boardwalk to the beach. Three large iguanas live there and were out daily to great the guests. Also, get a massage on the beach rather than the spa. Just as good and you will save yourself $50.00 ($30 for ½ hour and $50 for an hour on the beach; $100+ in the spa)!! It is so relaxing to hear the ocean, feel the breeze and have a message right on the beach.

    The Staff
    All were great to deal with. The only issue was a slight language barrier between English and Spanish. The majority of staff seems more fluent in French as a second language; however we did not find this to be an issue at all. The staff worked very hard to make it as easy as possible to provide answers and would continue to ask how they could help until they understood our needs. Never did they just turn and leave due to a lack of understanding between languages. In fact many of the staff would ask us specifically how to pronounce certain words or phrases to better understand the next time.

    Two staff in particular that were great were Pasqual the young man who serviced our room and Rene the bartender at the Cigar Bar. Both stand out to us as gracious, fun, polite and professional. They worked very hard to ensure our enjoyment and that we had everything we needed.

    The Room
    We had elected for the Deluxe Pool Room and it was great! We had a Jacuzzi bath; the bathroom was large with separate areas for bathing, showering and the toilet. The beds were nice and a very nice sitting area with table and chairs and a nice couch. The deck area was well maintained and squiggied off after brief rain storms. Access to the pool was easy and afforded a more private swimming area away from the party areas. Wait Staff were around regularly (more often if you gave them a dollar or two) and very friendly. One thing you will notice and almost our entire group had the same issue is that water will leak from the shower to the toilet area, under the glass partition. It seems to occur with the handheld showerhead and not so much with the rain showerhead. Not a big issue just put a towel against the glass on the floor on the toilet side if you notice this.
    Watch the floors in the room and the hallways. All are beautiful marble however when wet are very treacherous. Have shoes with you that have good grip on smooth wet surfaces.

    The Food
    The buffet is well a buffet. The food was nice with a very large selection. One thing my wife and I have found over the years is that to feed several thousand people daily buffets work best, but it is very hard to have extremely high quality and made to order items. For how this resort does it I think they do a very good job. Some food could use a little more flavor, but there was always something each day for everyone. It was fun to see some of the food descriptions too, like French Toasted for French Toast (the whole lost in translation thing). The staff in the buffet were great and were always asking if they could provide anything or assist. A few occasions we would arrive with 20 or so of our group at a time and they would quickly pull tables together for us and ensure we were comfortable and together as a group.

    The restaurants were a little better, but I have experienced better food from ala carte restaurants in other resorts and on cruise ships. One thing that the resort should look at is that the restaurants food should be a bit more elegant than the buffet food and it should be made to order, not pre-cooked. Again, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. We ate at La Hacienda, Misu, the Spanish restaurant (the name escapes me) and the Fondue restaurants (Misu was the best, Fondue not so good). The best restaurant and it is an extra charge is the Thai Beach Club. The food there was great and to eat at an open air restaurant right on the beach was fantastic and very romantic. Spend the extra and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Ask for Roberto as your server, fantastic!!

    Major Problems, Can’t Think of Any Really
    I truly cannot understand some of the complaints about this great all inclusive resort. All I can think is that many of those complaining either do not travel much, are complaining about that SunWing Travel company (which is not the resort) or it seems that many are nitpicky Canadians (some US as well) who from our group’s perspective were in general rude to the hard working staff and miserable more often than not and either flat out did not or would not tip those waiting on them in a country and culture that relies heavily on tips as a source of income. Not to say that you must tip everyone you encounter, however if someone is trying their best to service you (on or off the resort) than this is a sign of thanks, especially those who have to clean your rooms after you have been doing all your little personal things in there. As for not having enough towels or inconsistent toiletries, it was easy enough for us to simply ask any of the cleaning staff for an extra towel, bathroom amenity or even a general time of cleaning if we needed it. They were all accommodating, provided what we wanted on the spot and with a smile. Everyone who worked at this resort was quick to provide an honest smile and a Hola (hello) as you passed.

    I would certainly go back and recommend this resort coming from a frequent traveler!!

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  • Steven Mollo@TravelPlus

    Steven Mollo

    Steven First off, we would like to thank you and Robin for everything you did to make the Oasis trip the best cruise we have been on. It wasn't just the ship being the biggest, everything was so well planned and organized that it was smooth sailing all around. We had a great time.

    We would love to be the first couple to book for next year, but until we sell the house in Barrington, our vacation plans and pretty much everything else is on hold. Hopefully it sells before the dead line for your cruise and then we can join you on that rising bar for a few cocktails.

    Again, thank you for everything.
    Mary Lou and Gabriel Pacheco

  • All I can say is outstanding!!!!!!

    All I can say is outstanding!!!!!! It is absolutely beautiful the kids are beside them selves. Thank you very much we will certainly be calling on you for all our future trips. Shari said its nice and warm. Thanks again!

    Kosta and shari

  • We had a fantastic time...

    Hi Donna,

    Just a belated thank you for all your help with our trip. We had a fantastic time and everything went very smoothly. We will probably be planning another trip within the next year. I also want you to give a special thank you to our limo-van drivers. They were so patient and kind. Thank you again for being a special part of our group''s dream trip. Talk to you soon.

    Sue Prime and family

  • Thank you!

    Dear Donna,

    Thank you so much for all your help. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing you have been to me and my family. The joyous celebration that started our family vacation planning has had many difficult twists and turns and you have been so helpful and gracious throughout this time. Thank you again and may I say one more time, you are not just a travel agent --like it or not, you are a part of our family. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  • Wonderful Trip!

    Thank you! Thank you!

    Wonderful Trip! Everything smooth as clock-work. First class all-the-way! Tours, guides, hotels, transfers, flights were all great.
    I had a truly memorable vacation and can't thank you enough for all of your patient efforts on my behalf.


  • Great time in Poland

    Dear Steven,

     We had a great time in Poland....
     The limo was just what we needed when we arrived back in Boston. It was a rather exhausting trip...
     All of the hotels were excellent, except Poland has an electrical and plumbing deficiency.
     The most moving places of interest were the shrine of Our Lady of Czenstochowa and Auschwitz.
     We even did get to meet our cousins from Krosno who drove four hours to meet us in Krakow.
     Thank you for all you did. Actually, Globus provided a very nice time... we just kept going and going and going.
     I would recommend Globus AND Steven Mollo highly.


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